Remote will be part of the ZincShower Madrid 2014

Remotte at ZincShower Madrid

Zinc Shower is a movement generated by and for the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs), driven by the most innovative companies and projects in the sector. A shower of stimulating, fresh and transforming ideas.


Our products

Introducing the most innovative products.

Remotte for Glass

As you already know, you can use Google Glass through voice commands, its lateral touchpad and with the MyGlass app. Now you can also use "Remotte", the first remote control designed and engineered specifically for Google Glass.
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Remotte beacons

Now you can enjoy the best beacon experience with Remotte. We are innovating with the best micro-geolocation technology and creating our own platform to make all your ideas come alive.
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Remotte team

From knowledge of technology and user experience, to e-marketing and social media, we have done our best to bring together a group of passionate people that together form the Remotte team.
Juan Barambones
CEO and Founder
Diana López
CFO and Founder
Philippe González
CMO and Founder
Cecilia Abadie
CTO and Founder

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